11 March 2019 - 16 March 2019

Sherborne Studio Theatre, Marston Rd, Sherborne

The Birthday Party, described by Irving Wardle as a ‘comedy of menace’ is one of Harold Pinter’s best known plays. When two new and mysterious guests, Goldberg and McCann, arrive at a rundown seaside boarding house, the ensuing 24 hours become an increasing nightmare for resident Stanley Webber. Pinter creates menacing atmosphere with elements typical of the author, such as ambiguity, contradiction, confusion and, some say, dark political symbolism.

Goldberg and McCann throw a party for Stanley as it’s ‘his birthday’ (which Stanley denies). They interrogate Stanley with questions that become ever more aggressive and absurd. They talk about a mysterious ‘organisation’ and are generally threatening. Drumming, hysterical laughter and a game of blind man’s bluff intensify the situation.

The intimate setting of the Sherborne Studio Theatre is well suited to this play and the audience will soon become immersed in the claustrophobic, intense but thought-provoking drama.

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