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Sherborne Golf Club is proof that a course does not have to measure in excess of 6500 odd yards in order to leave you breathless, because this one will leaving you positively gasping in the best possible way of course. As  the stunning setting alone is enough to leave you needing to catch your breath. From here, you can enjoy majestic views over Blackmore Vale and plenty of green, luxurious looking countryside.

On the course, you can rest assured you are going to be presented with a whole host of challenges that virtually beg you to take them on. Display some good course management, sound club selection and you could score well.

We celebrated our centenary in 1994 a hundred years of golf in a scenic and peaceful location on the Dorset/Somerset border. Part of the original course was designed by James Braid.

The Club House is open from 8am to 9pm, drinks and food are available throughout the day subject to demand.

The Pro shop is open in the winter from 8am to 5pm and in the summer 8am to 6pm.

After much research into the subject of teaching golf we have developed a new and exciting approach to teaching at Sherborne Golf Club. With the experience that we have gained in teaching and research into people's requests and needs, along with technological advances you will notice a number of changes to your lessons. We offer lessons for all golfers to cover all areas of the game. From a 20 minute quick fix lesson to a year long improvement course for individuals or learning to play golf with friends in a group class, we have a class for everybody.  

Geoff Scott

Geoff Scott

Geoff Scott