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The aim of Your Financial Planning Ltd. is to help you reach out for your potential and freedom underpinned by your own unique financial plan.

This means:-
• Helping YOU to clarify what is most important to you and your family
• Creating together with YOU, your own unique financial plan.
• Setting up the most appropriate financial products for YOU to support the plan.
• Supplying regular Forward Planning Meetings to help YOU get the life YOU really want.
• Helping YOU to preserve YOUR real family wealth for future generations.

First of all we explore with you what is most important to you in your life. This is used to build a vision of your future would look like and leads to a discussion of the obstacles to getting there along with the solutions to those obstacles. This means that your most important goals are at the centre of the financial planning process and we have a full and clear appreciation of them.

Secondly we create a robust financial forecast using your own financial information and use it to test possible solutions for you. We use a comprehensive and secure online system to do this that is accessible by you if desired. This means that you see the impact of the different solutions on your future finances in clear graphical format so you can choose the solution that is the most appropriate for you.

Thirdly we provide a personalised client website where up to date valuations of your
investments and pensions can be viewed at anytime from anywhere in the world and progress tracked towards your monetary goals. There is a low-cost investment platform linked to the website to which your present investments can be transferred, if appropriate, making keeping track of your progress even easier. Our advice is independent and fee-based providing you with the most appropriate products for you.

Lastly regular Forward Planning meetings enable us to review the goals together, check progress and make any changes needed so that you live the life you want.

This planning and advice service has been most useful for people planning their retirement, passing on their wealth to their family, and those who have been recently bereaved.  It has been most valuable for those with more than £250,000 in savings and investments.

You bring

You bring your dreams, your resources and your energy.

We bring

• A listening ear or two and a tried and tested process for life planning,
• More than 25 years of experience in financial advice and planning,
• Specialist knowledge of estate planning using trusts and other plans
• A disciplined and structured investment process based scientific research combined with one of the best Risk Profiling systems in the world.
• A vision of how families can keep their real family wealth in the family
• A personalised website for your financial plans

Please contact us for a first exploratory Discovery meeting at our expense to see if this process would help you.

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