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Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership (SAP) encourages better communication and partnership working amongst our membersand facilitates project development.  The Partnership is funded by West Dorset District Council.

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SAP was established in October 2003 to work with a wide range of local organisations to develop an Action Plan for Sherborne and the surrounding villages. A Management Committee whose members represent a wide range of local statutory, commercial and voluntary organisations, has responsibility for the general oversight of SAP.  It last met on 7th March.   It next meets at 10.15am on Monday 13th June.

Responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day work of the Partnership and its staff rests with the Management Committee's Executive.  It last met on Monday 22nd February and will meet again on Monday 18th April. The Executive have agreed with WDDC and Dorset Community Action (DCA) that DCA will take over responsibility for facilitating SAP in the near future. We are now waiting for WDDC to agree on a 1 year Service Level Agreement with DCA.

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The new SAP will have the support of a member of DCA's staff who will help it define and pursue opportunities for project development but the Management Committee will otherwise have to rely on the efforts of its volunteer members to keep the Partnership going.

David Fifield, who lives in Folke, was invited on 28th June 2013 to become the SAP Chairman for the following 3 years. He chairs meetings of the Management Committee and its Executive.  He also represents SAP at meetings of external organisations.

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Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership