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Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership (SAP) encourages better communication and partnership working amongst our members, facilitates project development and promotes the Localism agenda.  The Partnership is funded by West Dorset District Council and Sherborne Town Council.  Our governing document is our Protocol, adopted in March 2013 and amended in June 2014 when we opened a bank account to enable us to hold funds earmarked exclusively for project work.

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SAP was established in October 2003 to work with a wide range of local organisations to develop an Action Plan for Sherborne and the surrounding villages.  Following a decision by the Town Council on 10th December 2012 to enter into a further 3 year Partnership Agreement with West Dorset District Council, SAP was relaunched on Thursday 14th March 2013.  A Management Committee whose 16 members represent a wide range of local statutory, commercial and voluntary organisations, was formed and has responsibility for the general oversight of SAP.  It last met on 7th December.   It next meets at 10.15am on Monday 7th March 2016.

West Dorset District Council have been carrying out a lengthy review of their funding for Local Area Partnerships, including SAP.  Their final decision, taken on 12th January 2016, involved a substantial reduction for 2016/17. Sherborne Town Council decided on 18th January not to fund SAP from 1st April and make the existing staff redundant but to support us in kind (office space/meeting room etc) instead. 

Responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day work of the Partnership and its staff rests with the Management Committee's Executive.  It next meets on Monday 22nd February.  The Executive have decided to negotiate with WDDC and Dorset Community Action (DCA) to see if it might be possible for DCA to take over responsibility for facilitating SAP from 1st April.  A tripartite meeting is due to take place on Friday 5th February.  

David Fifield, who lives in Folke, was invited on 28th June 2013 to become the SAP Chairman for the following 3 years. He chairs meetings of the Management Committee (quarterly), the Management Committee's Executive (monthly) and the AGM.  He also provides regular supervision of the work of SAP's staff (in association with the Town Clerk) and represent SAP at meetings of external organisations. 

Our Consultative Group consists of people, individuals or representatives of local organisations who want to be kept informed about SAP's work but who do not want to be involved in its management.  We will be keeping them informed via this website, a regular newsletter and emails/letters about specific events (public consultations, new Forums/Sub Groups etc). Let us know if you would would like to become a member.

You can also read about us in Sherborne Matters, a free monthly newspaper published by the Blackmore Vale Magazine and obtainable from shops and other outlets in the Sherborne Area.

The Sherborne Area Action Plan 2014-2017 as well as the Priority Actions for January to March 2015 are accessible via the Area Action Plan section of this website.

SAP has 3 part-time staff - Nigel Engert (Partnership Co-ordinator - 2nd photo), Caz Rowland (Community Development Officer- 4th photo) and Sally Westlotorn (Partnership Administrator - 3rd photo).  Nigel usually works on Monday and Thursdays, Caz on Mondays and Tuesdays and Sally on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

We are based at the Sherborne Town Council offices (see top photo) at The Manor House, Newland, Sherborne DT9 3JL (tel 01935 816961) so feel very welcome to contact us there.

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Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership

Sherborne Area Partnership