Simplifying Composition, Photography Workshop

19 October 2019

Lyme Regis, Dorset

Learning to distill a scene down to the core elements is a great skill for any advancing photographer. For those who wish to explore this approach we will look at reducing the visual ‘noise’ at any given location. Through certain techniques, both visual and within the camera, we can help you find order in the chaos. This approach to simplifying compositions can be transferred to any type of image making scenario, be it seascapes, woodland, urban or inner landscapes.

The main theme of this Simplifying Composition workshop in Dorset will be on exploring composition as a tool to create clean, graphic and compelling images. We will look at various ways to deconstruct the landscape around you to help bring coherency and order to your compositions. Seeing shapes & form as well as understanding how light and colour can compliment or diminish the balance of a scene.

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Katy Love
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