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Sherborne Sports Centre
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Sherborne Sports Centre is the premier sports and leisure centre located in the centre of town.  We have been providing public swimming, leisure, sports and gym access to the community since 2002.

From those wishing to improve their basic health and well-being and take part in group activities for fun, to serious sports enthusiasts maintaining a high level of fitness and commitment to training, Sherborne Sports Centre is for you.

The recently refurbished gym with new lifting platforms, benches and free weights, as well as a full suite of new cardio machines, makes it the unrivalled sports centre in the area for multi training at all levels of fitness and ability.

Opening times

  • Weekdays: 07:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00
  • Weekends: 10:00-18:00

(times may vary out of school term) 

Sherborne Sports Centre Membership Fees

Initially each person must join the Centre Membership (per annum) scheme.

You then have a choice either to stay as a ’pay as you go’ member, or upgrade to option 1, 2 or 3 as listed below.

Centre membership (per annum) – ‘pay as you go’ for all activities as priced

    Single person £24.50
    Joint £33.00
    Family (4 people living at same address) £44.00
    U18 / Student £11.00

Upgrade Options:

Option 1 – GYM only

    Single Membership £27.50 per month (£15.00 one off induction fee)
    Joint Membership  £46.75 per month (£25.00 one off induction fee)
    Family Membership (4 people living at same address) £66.00 per month
    (£30.00 one off induction fee)
    U18 /Student Membership £13.75 per month (£10.00 one off induction fee)
Option 2 – PLATINUM (per month) – Swim/Classes and Court Hire (excl indoor cycling and Zumba).

    Single Membership £30.00

    Joint Membership £52.00
    Family Membership (4 people living at same address) £72.00
    U18 / Student Membership £15.00

Option 3 – PLATINUM PLUS (per month) – Gym/Swim/Classes and Court Hire (excl Zumba).

    Single Membership £38.50 per month
    Joint Membership £66.00 per month
    Family  Membership (4 people living at same address) £88.00 per month
    U18 / Student £22.00 per month.

 Terms and conditions of membership:

  •     We reserve the right to refuse any application for membership and to cancel or suspend membership.
  •     Members must carry their membership cards with them and report to the Reception desk at each visit.

Payment of Fees by Direct Debit:

  •     If you are paying by Direct Debit, your signature on the Direct Debit form authorises us to use that bank account to take the monthly payment. If we do not receive your Direct Debit payment for any reason or if you fall behind with your membership fees and this is not caused by a bank error, we may charge an administration fee, or suspend or cancel your membership (or both).
  •     If we increase our membership fees we will give you one month’s notice of any change.
  •     Direct Debits will be collected on or around the 15th of each month.

Cancellation of Membership:

  •     If you wish to cancel your membership you can end your membership by giving us one full calendar month’s notice in writing to The Manager, Sherborne Sports Centre, Abbey Road, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3AP.

    Note – you must pay your full membership rate during your month’s notice.

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