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A comprehensive business resource o meet the challenges of modern financial environments

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Solving today's problems ....

Every business, whatever its size, is facing tougher financial circumstances than ever.

Legislation, in all areas of taxation, finance, company practice and administration, is becoming increasingly complex.

To meet these challenges we offer a whole range of specialised services, each under the direct control of one of the partners, each supported by a dedicated departmental manager.

And we keep ourselves in trim too.  Our already highly qualified staff attend regular training programmes constantly to update and improve the services we offer.

The aim is to give clients a speed of service and a quality of advice second to none.

Encouraging growth and profit ....

Having been established for over fifty years, we are first and foremost a local practice, with extensive links and relationships with our allied professionals extending over many years.

Our partners and their support teams have a broad working background in business and bring a wealth of experience and imagination to the firm.

We have the respect of bank managers and solicitors, building society managers and insurance brokers and, importantly, that of the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.

We are personally involved with our local community and by giving clients the right advice and consistent service we can make our own contribution to its financial health as well as their own.

Looking ahead ....

A great deal of our work is in the management and organisation of systems and much of our value lies in the emphasis we put on advance planning.

Our experience in creating solutions helps to anticipate problems before they have a chance to turn sour.

We have important contacts with leading merchant banks and institutions and can help to provide finance and venture capital.

Our membership of  Midsnell Group International gives us immediate access to a broad national and international base of expertise.

Overseas we are well represented and can advise and service clients planning to establish or expand abroad.

Fees ....

Our fees are charged on the basis of the work done.   This depends on the time taken, the degree of specialist skill involved, the service given etc.  The fee basis will, if requested, be discussed before an assignment is undertaken.

Summing up ....

We know that each client's needs are unique and we tailor our advice and service to meet those needs.

From the cautious pensioner to the ambitious businessman; from the lone self-employed to the complex big board room; from farm to factory and drawing board to drawing room - the objective is to provide a broad and balanced financial service.